Hosting an Online Raffle

Your Volunteers are Your Greatest Asset.

EchoLotto Inc. is a Canadian-based technology company. Using smart-phone technology, fewer volunteers are needed to run a raffle, organisers can spend more time enjoying events, while raising more money for a chosen charity. All this, while adhering to licensing regulations, making it fun, legal, and secure for everyone!

EchoLotto is a socially responsible choice for fundraising – with no face-to-face contact required. The community can support your organization in a completely remote and online way.

EchoLotto Inc. tickets are purchased securely online. Participants watch in real-time as the jackpot grows. Let us help you make it easier on the people who keep your organization moving forward.

Competing in a Highly Competitive, Highly Regulated Environment – And rapidly changing Environment.

EchoLotto Inc. works within SLGA guidelines to help qualified organizations host electronic 50-50 raffles.

You and your volunteers devote your time to helping people – let us help you leverage your time.

Our specialty is in getting the most out of your 50-50 raffles. Let us help you extend your reach, reduce your paperwork and ensure your volunteers get the support they need without the need for face-to-face interaction with the public.

Our goal is to connect community organizations with the communities that support them.

Let’s Grow Together.

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