EchoLotto – A Trellis Company!

EchoLotto Inc., is excited to announce that they have been acquired by Trellis Social Enterprises Inc.

The two companies have joined forces to provide more services for the growing list of companies looking for fundraising opportunities. EchoLotto will continue to specialize in Online 50-50’s in Saskatchewan, while Trellis provides a suite of related services in a simple to use and powerful platform.

Trellis allows organizations to engage their donors with modern software to easily sell tickets, donations, auctions and raffles, all-in-one place. 

For more information, see the announcement on LinkedIn!

Click here for the LinkedIn Announcement. 

Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved!

Paul Burch
Co-Founder / CEO,  EchoLotto Inc
Sales & Raffle Lead, Trellis Social Enterprises Inc.,