Grow Together

EchoLotto provides a secure, licensed, platform for selling raffle tickets, removing the hassle for both organizers and participants. Our mission is to assist charities and non-profits in accessing the funds they need to perform their community enhancing initiatives by reducing their required volunteer outputs, increasing the reach of their messaging, and building their following.

About Us


EchoLotto Inc. is a Canadian-based technology company with a social purpose: we are removing the barriers that impede fundraising and communication for Charities and Non-Profits . Using online technology, fewer volunteers are needed to run a raffle, organisers can spend more time enjoying events, while raising more money for a chosen charity. All this, while adhering to licensing regulations, making it fun, legal, and secure for everyone! EchoLotto Inc. tickets are purchased securely online from any web enabled device. Participants watch in real-time as the jackpot grows. The Licensee uses our Random Number Generator to select a winner – and our reporting makes compliance a snap.




  • Streamlined application process
  • Approved Lottery Management company
  • Certified Random Number Generator for selecting the winner


  • No cash involved, reducing fraud or error.
  • Participants watch the jackpot grow in real time.
  • Licensee’s use our RNG to select the winner

No Paper Tickets

  • You get fast, easy, legal, and reliable online raffles in support of your favourite charities!
  • No cash to handle, no tickets to lose.


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